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About the author

My name is Yura Varlamov, I'm 30 years old, and all my life, instead of just working, I create all crap interesting things. I'm so arranged that I can not work for someone, it turns me on the wrong side of it. It's easier to sit on bread and water, which happened more than once. I need to constantly create something.

And before I condemn, and such exactly are, ask yourself. Are you ready, for the sake of your idea, to live for a year, eating only bread and tea?

In my childhood, at the age of 5, while others were playing toy cars, I tried to make real. I remember, I was very worried about the question of how the speedometer works. I remember also when sawing the wheels out of logs, my dad said, "Peel Shura, write, they are golden!". Since then, nothing has changed. Unless my ideas have become more realistic.

Co of the school was interested in programming. Most of the projects were connected to the Internet, so my native language is php. But I also own max, javascript, html, css, I know how to draw designs in Photoshop, I understand the usability. (Note: yes, I vkurse that this site is so-so, and in the program with usability problems :)

True last 8 years, I suffer a severe depression. Because of this, work on projects is very slow. Terrible moral and physical impotence. But at the first opportunity, I run to work. In fact, I spend all my energy on it, I live on projects only. Therefore, it is vital that Disk Revival is fired. This is the only opportunity for me to leave the depresnyak. All the other ways long ago tried. If you can contribute to the promotion of the program, I will be immensely grateful (options for assistance in promoting).

My projects

Many things have changed over the years, here are the main projects.

Link exchange system

Saved copy in web.archive.org (domain is not preserved, now there is an extraneous site)
Different from conventional systems in that there were no cross-references (when 2 sites refer to each other). And also, the links were placed on the pages of the site as an advertisement of the directive, and not in the form of a catalog. Unfortunately, due to the fact that too much listened to the forum balabolok, it was not possible to develop the project. Although the release of the system took place.


Elegant is a control panel for scripts working in the background (scripts can be on different sites). An irreplaceable thing if you have a lot of scripts running on different servers and you need to monitor them. Originally written for their needs. Then he made it public.

Backlight for skates and skates

Something like car neon, only for skates / skates. Again, it started as a toy for myself, later switched to business. Developed the design, soldered, sold. After me, the fashion for this skate decoration began.

At the same time I was engaged in commercials. Well, so that the legs stretch from sitting behind the computer. Not one thousand kilometers was rolled by Moscow evenings.

Then, tired of everything, I collected what was in my backpack, and went to live in a tent in Crimea on a mountain. True mountain was very specific: 2 cafes, toilet-shower-wifay. A month later, the "mountain" life got bored, and I began to rent a room like all normal people. First he lived in Koktebel, then the village of Shchebetovka. Then there were Yessentuki (the North Caucasus), and here's an ass in Sevastopol.

Original bicycle tricks

The channel on YouTube, VKontakte group
Tired of inventions and programming, I became very interested in cycling. Trained in the discipline of street trial. I planned to perform, but because of my health I could not reach the required level. I took a couple of videos. I created my channel on Youtube. Then he cooled down to skiing (it was very hard to train physically). Another bike was stolen.
I hope to return and continue, how will the money for a good big. I need a very light and therefore expensive.


I got carried away playing the piano. But to me its sound seemed monotonous. He began to experiment in the genre of the human orchestra. In the end, I came up with a tool that I can use to play for a whole rock band. Without phonograms and pre-cut samples. At the heart of the tool is my program, written in the language Max. As a controller I use Akai mpk mini, but in principle any midi keyboard is suitable. The project is not yet available for download, there is still a lot to do so that anyone can use it.
Here is a small demo:

Disk Revival is my current project

As if I had a hard drive, the opportunity to buy a new one was not there, but there was a friend with a bit of dead discs. I became interested in the issue of recovering disks, and eventually this program turned out.

While all the

This is the story of my life at the moment. I hope Disk Revival will shoot, and everything will be fine. Thank you for reading so many letters. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gratitude to the heroes, who actively participated in the testing of the program.
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