How to buy

License for 10 computers. You can check any number of disks. On each computer, the program must be activated separately. Then I'll think up a more convenient mechanism.

All updates of the program are naturally free.

  1. Download the program, install.
  2. You pay in a way convenient for you. How to pay
    Send to or Vkontakte:
  3. Activate the program . You will receive a file to the mail with the key, which must be placed in the folder with the program.
    Each computer needs its own key. The binding goes to the hardware of the computer, so you can reinstall Windows. Disks in the computer can be changed.

How do I know what you paid?

Write to mail or vkontakte: the method of payment, the amount and approximate time of payment. This will be enough until the payment is not so much.

Through how much the key

If during business hours, I usually send within a couple of hours after the message that paid. Maximum during the day.
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