False triggering of several antiviruses
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False triggering of several antiviruses

Do not you believe me?
Run Disk Revival from under the boot flash drive and process clean disks (so, by the way, and you should do it in a good way). So you can not get infected even if there really was a virus.

Some antiviruses mistakenly accept my program for a virus. I'm quite a public person, I do not need to spoil karma with a virus program. You can read who I was and what projects I created. If you want to chat, my contacts are at the top of the site.

The problem with antivirus software is that it is written in the environment of Devel Studio. And any program written in this environment has erroneous antivirus actions. That's why antiviruses do not like my program.

By the way, the program was added to the VIP section of one major forum - Staiki.net. Do you think it would be there if it were a virus?
I strongly support and promote YouTube channel about hard disks (11k subscribers) - Workshop Trowel. Under many of his videos there is a link to the program.

My struggle with antiviruses

According to virustotal.com, my program considers viruses to be 3 unknown antivirus (report virustotal.com). In fact, some of them show that the program is clean, then no. Women are more permanent.
These antiviruses simply ignore the letters, or even do not have the opportunity to contact them on the issue of false triggers.

Answers from antivirus companies

Answers from antivirus companies that there is no virus, or it is a false positive. I did not have the patience to write to all companies, I wrote only to those with whom I had problems (+ several main antiviruses for reliability).

Video evidence

The information in the video is very outdated. At the moment, virustotal gives out only a few messages about possible viruses. But the general point is that the reason for the psevovirus in the development environment of Devel Studio.

Viruses in Devel Studio?

There are no viruses in Devel Studio. This is a well-known development environment with a long history. She has a great live forum for developers. About it is written on many websites devoted to programming. For example, on Habrahabr: times and two. If it contained viruses, the Habr would not be allowed to go. Vkontakte created a lot of publics, dedicated to her. In YouTube there are many clips.

Why does Devel Studio have problems with antivirus software? Because of its simplicity and accessibility, it used to create a lot of viruses before. Antiviruses remember this, and now, as soon as they see that the program is created in this environment, they block it without trial and effect. This is especially true for antiviruses with weak algorithms that are not able to verify whether a malicious code is or not.

I hope I have dispelled your concerns
Sincerely, Varlamov Yuri
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