Help me overcome the depression:)

Last years 8, I am tormented by a severe depression. Because of this, work on projects is very slow. Magic is like that, one day you feel more or less. And the next, turning into an amoeba and the brain simply refuses to think and work. The head is plunged into a fog, an eerie moral and physical impotence. Even watching movies or books read hurt for the brain. But at the first opportunity, I run to work.

In fact, I spend all my energy on the program, only I live with it. Therefore, it is vital that Disk Revival is fired. This is the only opportunity for me to leave the depresnyak. All the other ways long ago tried: meditation, communication with psychologists, trying to entertain themselves, changing the type of activity and place of residence, communication with friends.

I apologize in advance if you run into a bug in the program. I try in every possible way to avoid such situations. But when most of the day, the brains are "as in a fog," programming turns into a very fun activity.

Be sure to write me about the errors found.

If you can contribute to the promotion of the program, I will be immensely grateful.

Options for assistance

For bloggers / YouTube / site owners

The program is unique, nothing like this. You have the opportunity to make interesting content and get views / subscribers. I can offer a financial reward for these customers. Email me for details.
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