Errors and solutions


The program does not start


It does not start under the boot drive / disk

The program works only under this boot disk.

Why is this

The program should completely drive the disk with files, and then read them all. Since your disk has problems with reading / writing, it's no surprise that it takes so long. But if in the message window, for a long time nothing happens, and the percentage of execution is in place, the program obviously hung.
Warning! Be sure to let me know about the hang. I solved this problem, but maybe not until the end.  

The list of drives is empty

Restart the program.  

"There are not enough system resources to complete the operation" message

Disable the antivirus.  

Part of the interface

If you see something like this, reduce the size of the log by pulling the mouse behind the bar.
Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'diskfast_site'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/d/diskfast/ on line 48

Notice: Невозможно соединиться с MySQL сервером! in /home/d/diskfast/ on line 50
Невозможно соединиться с MySQL сервером!