Bootable USB flash drive (Live CD)

At the behest of the cosmic forces, the program does not work under any assemblies, it is necessary to check. It will be guaranteed to run under "Boot CD / USB Sergei Strelec 2013 v.4.5 (Windows 8 PE) [Ru / En]". Like any assembly from Strelec, it is stuffed with all the necessary programs.
Download iso image of Boot CD / USB Sergei Strelec:
 - download with (blocked in Russia)
 - download with Yandex.disk

How to create a bootable USB flash drive / CD

  1. Download the iso image (links above) and use some program to unpack it on a USB flash drive.
    I recommend Rufus (download). For CD use ultraiso or a similar program.
  2. Copy Disk Revival to a USB flash drive / CD, to any folder. How to boot up under the flash drive / CD, through the explorer, find Disk Revival and run.

Using Rufus

Attention! When you create a bootable USB flash drive, all data from it will be erased.

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