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Price: pay as much as you want!
Average payment: 250 rubles.
Why is such a sale model
For legal entities
Contact me for details.

To receive the program, it is enough to pay by any proposed method and write me the amount and time of the transfer. It would be enough. License for 10 computers. Updates are free. More details.

It was not possible to pay or not a suitable method of payment? Be sure to contact me (Vkontakte,, we will solve the issue.

If you have Kaspersky with "secure payment" enabled, because of their error, this page will not work correctly. Disable the "secure payment" for a while.

Выберите способ оплаты

Bank cards

Visa and Mastercard

When paying by phone, sometimes the card number can not be entered. In this case, pay through the computer.

Payment by any card via PayPal

PayPal allows you to pay using any bank card. It's enough to register with PayPal and add a bank card to your account. The registration process is simple and fast.
Then click on the link and pay: pay via PayPal


Number of wallet: 410014423201186

Attention. If you try to pay, you get an error that the purse number is incorrect, specify phone number +7 978 035 8105 instead of purse number.

Mobile phone





Номер кошелька:

Оплатить через PayPal


Рубли: R341003497057
Доллары: Z221733212917
Гривны: U917933729470


Number of wallet: +7 978 035 8105

Single purse

Wallet number: 147016538338

You can send money to a single purse in a huge number of ways. A lot of countries are supported. All kinds of local banks, terminals and payment systems.
Full list of ways to send money (do not forget to select your country from the menu).

Payment acceptance terminals

You can pay simply as you refill the account on your mobile phone.

If the terminal has Yandex.dengi, Qiwi, Webmoney or Single Wallet (usually they are located in the section "Payment for Internet services" or something similar), it is advisable to pay for them (purse numbers are listed below). If the terminal asks for the phone number, enter your phone number.

If there are no wallets in the terminal, simply replenish the account of the phone +7 978 035 8105 (МТС Россия)

Номера моих кошельков

Яндекс.деньги: 410014423201186
Qiwi: +7 978 035 8105
Единый кошелек: 147016538338

WMR (рубли): R341003497057
WMZ (доллары): Z221733212917
WMU (гривны): U917933729470

Euroset and Connected

Tell the cashier that you want to replenish the Yandex.Money account. Write the number of my wallet 410014423201186 , pay the money and get a check. If you are asked for a phone number, enter your phone number.


Money can be put through PrivatBank terminals, online or bank branches.

Hryvnia: 4731 1856 1228 8297
Dollars: 4731 1856 1228 5848 (dollars can be transferred on working days from 10 am to 16 pm according to the legislation of Ukraine)

Since I'm in Russia and PrivatBank is not available to me, the maps are designed for Alexander Lisovets (youtube channel Workshop Trowel), do not be scared.

Online exchangers

If the previous payment methods are not available to you, you can pay through the online exchangers. They work with a huge number of payment systems and banks.

Choose an online exchanger here

Simply choose a convenient payment system and exchange money for Yandex.dengi, webmoney or qiwi, indicating my purse numbers (they are listed below). Do not worry, your payment will not be lost. Write me at what time did the exchange and the exact amount, this will be enough.

That is, you make an exchange from your payment system to one of my purses (Yandex.dengi, webmoney or qiwi). For example, for Ukrainians, the option of exchanging Privat24 for Yandex.Money is good.

For some directions of exchange, the sender and the recipient must be the same person (this will be written on the exchanger's website). Then just select another payment system.

Номера моих кошельков

Яндекс.деньги: 410014423201186
Qiwi: +7 978 035 8105
Единый кошелек: 147016538338

WMR (рубли): R341003497057
WMZ (доллары): Z221733212917
WMU (гривны): U917933729470

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Gratitude to the heroes, who actively participated in the testing of the program.

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