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Tool for hard disk hdd (check, test, recovery) for Windows

I Varlamov Yura, wrote an interesting program to test and treat the hard drive (locking slow and bad sectors). Completely in Russian and runs directly from under Windows. If you have any questions or problems, write, I'll talk with pleasure, almost all day long (contacts from above). Download program.

How does the

There are many nuances, but in general, the principle of treating a hard disk is very simple: hdd is filled with files (located in a separate folder), and then we try to read them. Slow and broken files remain on the disk, good ones are deleted.
Explanations for skeptics

User Reports

Here you can see what results the users received and how long it took them to check and restore hdd.

Program features:

Disk Revival. . Блокировка медленных секторов, ускорение жесткого диска Disk Revival is not universal, it will not help any hard disk.
Is it for you? Just run it, if the stages of writing and reading are successful, then everything is okay. The free version processes the whole surface of the disk, it works at all stages, except for "Optimization".

1. Acceleration

It is implemented by blocking unstable slow sectors. You determine what minimum speed you need. In addition to increasing the speed, blocking slow sectors can positively affect the health of the drive, because it does not torment them and they do not turn into broken ones. If Disk Revival can write to the broken sector, then it will block it. If not, then alas. The processing will stop. Basically, if Victoria defines the sector as broken, then such an hdd can not be processed (but not always, it is necessary to check). This can be bypassed, breaking it into sections, so that the damaged sections are in one section, and all the others in others.

However, after processing, files may stop corrupting. I personally used hdd, which before processing did not allow even Windows to deliver. He put several times, each time wrote that some file is corrupted (each time different). After processing, Windows got up easily and simply.


  • The program also processes external hard drives and flash drives
  • Checks and restores each hdd partition separately.
Important features:
  • The program checks the speed of sectors with a certain error, so restarting may show slightly different results. But this does not affect its effectiveness.
  • If the program has found slow areas, it's not always possible for the disk to run faster. The reason is that on fast disks, the program creates a large load on the processor, because of what periodically the speed of individual sectors is determined incorrectly. There are also other factors, which can reject good sectors. The number of such false inhibited sectors is not critical, but it is. It can be confusing that the program does not work. Therefore, to check it on a good disk does not make sense.  
 However, on hard disks that have slow sectors, Disk Revival effectively copes with its task .

Why is

processed for so long It is necessary to completely fill the hard drive with files, and then read them all. Because your disk has problems with reading / writing, it's no surprise that it takes a long time.

However, if most or all sectors are not fast (the program stably shows the read / write speed at a level of several mb / s). That there is no sense to torture such hdd, he does not help anymore.

Bootable USB flash drive

If you only have one disk and you want to completely process it, you need to make a bootable flash drive and run the program from under it.
Warning! The utility does not work with assemblies. More details

Difference from the program Victoria (Victoria) and the like

Victoria checks for slow and broken sectors, but can only be broken, and that's not always the case. The principle of its operation is based on the reassignment of sectors (remap hdd). The problem is that reassignment does not always work. Of course, the method used in Disk Revival is not without flaws, but it covers some of the cases when Victoria hdd is powerless.


In the process of optimization, the space of the disk will inevitably be divided into fragments. If the fragments are too small, this will cause a large fragmentation of your files, which will slow down your work. Disk Revival tries to minimize this phenomenon with the help of 2 algorithms.

Download the program for free

Works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10. For many people it's important that these utilities run directly from under Windows.
Language: Russian
Distribution model: you can download the program for free and try it on the disk. If you are satisfied with the result of the work, just transfer any amount, get a license key and click one button, finish processing.

How to use corrupted disks

You can use it, you just need to periodically discard all the valuable information. For this you can use not only flash drives, but also free online storage. or for example.
The developer Disk Revival itself uses the second such hdd. :) It's written just on this disc.


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The program is renamed, so in old comments it can be called a lifesaver or a disk lifecycle. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Gratitude to the heroes, who actively participated in the testing of the program.
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